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iPhone 7/8 - WaterProof & ShockProof Battery Case Caseproof

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Double the autonomy of your iPhone

The Battery Model equips your iPhone 8/7 with an extra battery, all in a Shockproof & Waterproof Case IP65. 150% of use time in addition to your iPhone thanks to this case equipped with a 3000 mAh battery. Designed for professional and sporty use.

100% Audio Quality - Touch ID, 3D Touch compatible.

91,66 €

100% Watterproof BATTERY Case for iPhone 8/7

WATERPROOF Case with BATTERY INCLUDED 100% AUDIO QUALITY - 3D TOUCH & TOUCH ID ACCESSIBLE - SILENCE BUTTON 150% in addition to the duration of use of your iPhone with this ADDITIONAL BATTERY

Your iPhone is almost discharged? Reload it by turning on the power button. When charging is 100%, it stops automatically to preserve the battery.


The +:

- Perfect access to your touch screen, a rigid plastic film on the screen that protects it from water, dust, snow and shocks. The TOUCH ID & 3D TOUCH are compatible with this new Case for iPhone 8/7/6/6s. Your iPhone equipped with CaseProof shell becomes perfectly waterproof and impact resistant.

The +:

- The CaseProof case for iPhone 8/7 has been designed to give you the best audio quality. 100% audio quality at the sound reproduction level. The sound is clear and accurate for comfort of your phone calls for you and your interlocutors. The iPhone case has a unique device, which amplifies the audio output of the speakers of your phone, you can listen to your favorite music in the shower. *

Warning: The iPhone 8/7/6/6s Battery Case is an IP -65: allowing to be 100% watertight and accidental immersions not exceeding 5 minutes.

The iPhone Battery Case allows your iPhone to be extremely resistant to sand, dirt, snow, shocks and normal usage drops. ** The CaseProof Case for iPhone 8/7/6/6s provides access to the main features *** of your iPhone.

- Volume control, vibrate button working perfectly, start button HOME

- Access to the charging connector via a rubber plug, and headphone lighting compatible

- APN and Flash apparent with anti-reflective lens for clear pictures and videos

- Touch ID (Digital Recognition) and 3D TOUCH are available on your iPhone 8/7

- WiFi / 3G / 4G

- Wrist strap to attach to the wrist provided with (or possibility to put a leach for Sports Activities like Paddle, Kayak ...)

CompatibilityiPhone 8/7
Dimensions135 mm
Weight127 g
Features100 %
Drop height2 mètre maximum
Largeur67 mm
Epaisseur15 mm
Warranty2 ANS
EquipementBATTERIE 2750mAh -ISO 9001 -TOUCH ID & 3D TOUCH compatible
Compatible inductionYes

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Coque étanche plus batterie
Pierre m. on 03/05/2019Plus fine que l ancien modèle. Très bonne qualité

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