Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Waterproof & Shockproof Black Case

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Live life at 200km / h with CaseProof Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE

Hermetic, shockproof and waterproof, the CaseProof Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case is ready for adventure. It will protect your smartphone from water, shock, mud and bad weather.

54,08 €

The CaseProof Waterproof & Shockproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge allows your Samsung to follow you in all your adventures. Your Samsung becomes an all-terrain smartphone, while retaining all its features.

100% audio quality, an extremely protected screen!

CaseProof shockproof shell for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as thin as rugged.



The +: Perfect access to your touch screen, a rigid plastic film on the screen that protects it from water, dust, snow and shocks.

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge equipped with a waterproof and shockproof CaseProof shell becomes perfectly waterproof and shock resistant.

Pros: The CaseProof case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been designed to give you the best audio quality.

100% audio quality at the sound reproduction level. The sound is clear and precise for comfort during your phone calls for you and your interlocutors.

The case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge CaseProof has a unique device, which amplifies the audio output of the speakers of your phone, you can listen to your favorite music in the shower.

The CaseProof shell for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge allows your Samsung, if it falls into the water in your nautical or professional activities, to be fully waterproof -IP 68 (2 m for 30 minutes). Shockproof and waterproof shell.

 The CaseProof case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge allows your Samsung to be extremely resistant to sand, dirt, snow, shocks and normal usage drops. *

The CaseProof case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge provides access to the main features of your smartphone.

- Volume control, start button HOME

- Access to the charging connector via a rubber plug, supplied waterproof plug

- APN and Flash apparent with anti-reflective lens for clear pictures and videos

- WiFi / 3G / 4G

- Wrist strap to attach to the wrist provided with (or possibility to put a leach for Sports Activities like Paddle, Kayak ...)

Navigate or work safely, film or photograph in the water, practice outdoor sports, it is possible with CaseProof shell for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

* This shell is not indestructible, if an activity represents a risk for you, it is the same for your hull and the devices you will use with.

CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
Dimensions160 mm
Weight40 g
Features100 %
Operational Depth2 mètre durant 30 minutes
Drop height2 mètre maximum
Largeur81 mm
Epaisseur12 mm
Warranty2 ANS

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bon produit
Michel M. on 02/08/2019tres bon produit , bonne protection
Bon produit
Julien H. on 08/27/2018Bon produit protége bien le téléphone Juste la potection du bouton home surment un peut épais car le bouton ne reconnaît pas tout le temps l empreinte digitale...

The CaseProof® Running Belt is equipped with a transparent window and a headphone jack. Waterproof, adjustable, it will remain pressed against the body, without slipping or going up during your race. Ideal for protecting your belongings during all your activities. Run, Roll, Walk, Paddled with your Smartphone safely!

20,83 €

Ce Support smartphone/téléphone pour vélo universel CaseProof® est robuste et simple d'utilisation. Il permet d'installer votre smartphone en toute sécurité lors de vos randonnées.  Extrêmement solide, grâce à la qualité de son silicone, il s'adapte à tout smartphone !

20,83 €

BIKESILI CaseProof ® is a universal phone holder for bike, motorcycle, scooter, boat. It allows you to securely attach your phone to use it easily during bike or boat trips.Extremely robust, thanks to the quality of its silicone, it adapts to many smartphones and waterproof cases CaseProof ®

10,83 €

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