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Iphone 13 Pro- Biodegradable case black color CaseProof

iPhone 13 Pro -Biodegradable case



The iPhone 13 Pro shockproof case BIO is 100% biodegradable . It is made from wheat straw. This case not only protects the planet, but also effectively protects your smartphone from everyday shocks and scratches! Its packaging is made of recycled cardboard, respectful of the environment without any plastic.

CaseProof is committed to limiting its waste. #doitfortheplanet

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Why choose a biodegradable Case ?

348 million tonnes of plastic That's the approximate amount of plastic produced each year worldwide - and the trend is growing! Much of this waste ends up in the world's oceans and destroys the habitat of many animal and plant species.

Get involved and invest in a waste-free future!


The iPhone 13 Pro - Black Biodegradable CaseProof is made of biosourced materials* (wheat straw without danger for the environment). It is 100% biodegradable in an industrial compost, it will decompose completely without any toxic residue thus preserving the planet when you decide to throw it away.

*Results certified by the SGS laboratory


The BIO CaseProof shell is the only truly shockproof biodegradable case.

Thanks to its reinforced corners and raised edges, this case will protect your screen and camera lens against everyday shocks and scratches.

Compatible with wireless charging and screen protectors

With the BIO CaseProof you will keep all the advantages of your smartphone. You can leave or add a screen protector, charge by induction and even stick a Magsafe CaseProof adapter on the back.

Eco-designed packaging

Like all CaseProof packaging, the BIO CaseProof is eco-designed, made of recycled cardboard and 100% biodegradable, without plastic to respect the environment.

Data sheet

40 g
Drop height
6,6 ft
Wheat straw
1 Year
Inductive wireless charging
iPhone 13 Pro

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