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Caseproof, the best shockproof and waterproof hard cases supplier for phones and tablets

The best protective case whether your smartphone is an iPhone or Samsung.


Protect your smartphone from falls and shocks!


Protect your smartphone from drops and bumps with our range of CaseProof shockproof cases .

Carefully designed to offer optimal protection , our cases are suitable for sports, professional and everyday use.

With their sturdy and stylish design, our shockproof cases allow you to take your phone with confidence, whether it's biting your sports activities or at work.

Trust the quality and durability of CaseProof for superior protection of your device.


For all nautical activities in peace, equip yourself with a waterproof case!

Your passion is vacations by the sea and moments of relaxation by the pool. That's why we offer you a perfect solution to protect your phone and tablet from water. Our waterproof cases are specially designed for Samsung, Huawei, iPhone and iPad models, so you can take your device wherever you go.


Thanks to our 100% Waterproof range, you can fully enjoy your favorite water activities. Whether you're surfing, paddleboarding, swimming or even diving, our cases offer total 360° protection for your device. You no longer have to worry about spills, accidental drops in water or ambient humidity.


Capture and film all your best moments without any worries. With our waterproof cases, you can take quality photos and videos, even underwater. Capture your aquatic adventures and easily share them with your loved ones.


Don't let the fear of water limit your fun anymore. Opt for a completely waterproof case from CaseProof and enjoy your holidays with complete peace of mind. Don't forget to take a look at our selection of waterproof cases, designed to meet all your needs and provide maximum protection for your precious device.



Discover CaseProof accessories for complete protection of your phone!


We understand the importance of protecting your phone, which is why we offer a full range of accessories to suit your needs.


In addition to our cases, we also offer a variety of practical accessories.

Protect your phone's screen with our screen protectors , which prevent scratches and scuffs while preserving the clarity of the display.

Our car holders allow you to keep your phone close at hand while driving safely.

Are you a photography lover? Our removable lenses allow you to capture exceptional images with your phone. Whether you're into macro, wide-angle, or telephoto photography, our lenses give you a professional-grade photography experience.


Plus, our wireless chargers and power banks keep you connected all day without worrying about battery power. Enjoy the convenience of charging your phone wirelessly or bring a power bank for extra charging on the go.


We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality accessories that meet your needs for protection and functionality.

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