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Waterproof Pouch 20m Caseproof®

Orange Waterproof Pouch 20m


The waterproof 20-meter CaseProof pouch protects your phone from water, sand, dust, snow and scratches. The screen is protected by a soft & tactile plastic.

The best quality / price compromise to protect your smartphone in all your activities!

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The CaseProof waterproof pouch is designed to protect technological devices when practicing outdoor and professional activities (smartphone, key, small camera, GPS).

The CaseProof waterproof pouch is compatible with all smartphones (including the iPhone 7 Plus / Samsung S7Egde).
100% waterproof and tested to a depth of 20 meters, the CaseProof pouch is also airtight and dustproof thanks to its quick closing with 2 knobs.

Perfectly suited for all activities that do not risk deep immersion or violent falls:
Paddle, sailing, fishing, kayaking, skiing, beach etc.

Thanks to its transparent and tactile window, your smartphone retains all its functionalities.

- 100% waterproof in total immersion, take your smartphone under water

- Delivered with a choker

- Protects your phone against snow, sand, dust

- Soft and tactile screen

- 100% audio for your calls

- Make fantastic photos and videos underwater, and in all conditions.

Recommendation: It is advisable to double the waterproof pouch with a CaseProof shell for Kitesurf, Jetski, Windsurf and wear it under a suit because the pressure exerted during a fall at high speed can greatly exceed the ambient pressure at 20 meters depth.

If used with very high humidity in the air, it is advisable to add one or more silica gel sachets in the pouch to prevent condensation and deterioration of electronic devices.

Data sheet

135 mm
85 mm
20 g
80 %
Immersion depth
20 mètres
1 Year
CaseProof ®
Compatible jusqu'à des smartphones de 5,3 pouces -85x 160 mm( inclus iPhone 7 plus/6plus, Samsung S7edge

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