What is MagSafe ?

What is MagSafe ?

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What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is a high performance wireless charging technology (inductive charging).

It consists of magnets placed around an internal charging coil.

This technology allows the detection of other MagSafe compatible accessories, which attach instantly and securely.

Why use a MagSafe charger?

The advantage of owning a MagSafe charger, apart from the fact that it charges inductively, is its speed of charge.

Indeed, with a MagSafe charger the charging power is doubled, from 7.5W for a classic wireless charger to 15W!

The charger therefore allows you to charge your iPhone quickly and safely without wires.

In addition to the fast and efficient induction charging, the magnetic fixing system offers the possibility of fixing accessories such as: desk or car mount, MagSafe charger, MagSafe battery...

Does it work for Android phones?

Yes for some recent Android smartphones that are Qi compliant (the universal wireless charger) when using a glass shell on the back.

Wireless charging is impossible when the charging connector is on the side of the phone.

And if you want to charge your Android smartphone on a Magsafe charger, all you need is a Magsafe adapter to make it compatible with all MagSafe accessories.

What is a MagSafe compatible case?

The shells have built-in magnets that fit over your smartphone. The case then fits perfectly

and facilitates wireless charging. To charge your smartphone, simply leave it in the case and attach your MagSafe

your MagSafe charger or place it on your QI certified charger.

What if the shell is not?

You can get a Magsafe adapter to make it compatible and allow wireless charging.

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