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Online only Shockproof Phone Case for iPhone with Backpack Clip Stand Holder

Shockproof Phone Case for iPhone with Backpack Clip


Discover this robust shockproof case designed specifically for iPhone .

This 2-in-1 hybrid case offers optimal protection against everyday drops and shocks,

while offering versatile functionality thanks to its removable module with 360° swivel belt clip .

Model available (For iPhone 14 Pro)
Color (Black)
Delivery time 8 to 14 days (998 Items)

The module allows use in two modes: a case alone for daily protection, or a belt case to attach your phone to your waist or luggage. Ideal for people working outdoors or for backpackers who need to keep their hands free while making calls

  • Robust design: The shell is made of shockproof polycarbonate for optimal protection against drops and shocks.
  • Removable module with belt clip:
  • Non-slip grips: The sides of the belt clip and the clamp have non-slip grips for a secure grip.
  • Rear camera block protection: A protective cover is integrated to prevent scratches and damage to the rear camera block.
  • Raised Bezels: 0.2mm raised bezels protect the screen and camera from scratches and friction.
  • Easy Button Access: The power and volume buttons are protected while remaining easily accessible.
  • Compatible with induction charging: The case alone is compatible with induction charging, allowing you to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Opt for robust and versatile protection with the shockproof iPhone case. Take advantage of the functionality of the removable module with belt clip and keep your phone safe in all situations.

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Lavable,Anti-empreintes Digitales,Anti-rayures,Anti-poussière,Avec Béquille,ANTI-DÉRAPANT,Eau-Résistant,Avec Clip

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