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New SHOCK SERIES with MAGSAFE - 360° Shockproof Case for Samsung 24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - 360° AntiShock Protection - Magsafe SHOCK Series


SHOCK SERIES with MAGSAFE - 360° Shockproof Case for Samsung S24 Ultra

Keep your Galaxy S24 Ultra safe with this full protective case equipped with MagSafe technology.

Allowing advanced defense against falls, shocks, scratches.

Ultimate Protection with its streamlined and lightweight design guarantees bulk-free use.

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Samsung S24 Ultra Shockproof Magsafe Case

Ultimate Protection

The dedicated Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case comes with a built-in screen protector, eliminating the need for a separate film. This feature provides effective protection against scratches, thus preserving the integrity of your phone. The back panel, designed with thick and reinforced transparent PC, not only preserves the original beauty of your device, but also provides a sturdy defense against drops.

360° Security with Military Standards

After undergoing numerous extreme drop tests, our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case guarantees unwavering protection. The PC material of the rear panel provides optimal protection against everyday shocks. With 2.0mm case and 3.0mm lens edges, your screen and lens are perfectly protected from potential damage.

Perfect Fit

Every cutout of our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra protective case is meticulously crafted to ensure a precise fit. Responsive buttons ensure a seamless user experience, even during calls. The tiny gap of less than 0.1mm between the screen protector and the phone ensures bubble-free use while effectively protecting the screen from scratches.

Digital recognition compatible

With its double-sided design, our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case protects your phone without compromising the fingerprint recognition function. Simply removing the protective film at the fingerprint detection area makes the unlocking process easier. Detailed instructions included in the packaging ensure easy use

Manual Shockproof case

Manual install 360 shockproof case CaseProof

User Manual (1.17MB)

Data sheet

160 mm
80 mm
12,5 mm
Black and Transparent
Anti-shock / 360° protection / Fingerprint compatible
Drop height
2 mètres
1 Year
Inductive wireless charging
Compatible with Magsafe Accessories and Induction Charger MagSafe
Compatible phone model
Samsung S24 Ultra

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