Universal phone holder for bike, motor bike,

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Extremely robust, thanks to the quality of its silicone, it adapts to many smartphones and waterproof cases CaseProof ®

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BIKESILI CaseProof ® is the ideal universal phone holder and bike resistant.

The CaseProof Universal Phone Holder allows most smartphones to be attached to bike handlebars, boat handrails or scooters. Silicone is very durable, both strong and expandable for everyday use on city bikes or mountain bike outings on mountain roads.

The BIKESILI CaseProof ® is a phone holder that installs on most bikes in seconds and very easily.

- Install the BIKESILI CaseProof ® on the handlebar flat part towards the ground.
- Then insert the smaller end through the slot passing under the handlebar
- Pull each end to place them at the corners of the smartphone.

Compatible with all CaseProof ® waterproof and shockproof cases

You can follow your GPS on your smartphone for all your cycling or sailing trips.

In a few seconds, you can put & remove the BIKESILI CaseProof ® from your handlebar and store it in your pocket.

Whether you are a city courier, a road cyclist or a navigator at sea, the BIKESILI CaseProof ® will allow you to take your smartphone and track your information on your GPS safely.

CompatibilityCompatible smartphone de 9,4 cm à 2 cm ( iPhone 7/7 plus , 6/6plus, Samsung galaxy S7/S7 edge
Weight50 g
Guidon Velo, MotoDiamètre entre 2,3 cm et 5,1 cm
Warranty1 Year
FabricationCaseProof ®

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