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Waterproof- Shockproof- for- iPhone 7-8-SE-2nd -3rd Gen Caseproof ®

iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen- Waterproof and Shockproof Case - WATERPROOF Collection



Solution to protect your iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen from all shocks and bad weather.

Robust, the waterproof and shockproof CaseProof case gives free rein to your adventures. It is suitable for professional, sports and daily use.

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CaseProof® iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen

Waterproof & Shockproof Case for iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen allows your iPhone to follow you in all your activities. Your smartphone becomes an all-terrain phone, while retaining all its features.

Enjoy solid protection:

4 PROTECTIONS for your phone: WATER - SHOCK - SAND - SNOW For optimal PROFESSIONAL & DAILY use!

The +:

- Perfect access to your touch screen

- Rigid plastic film on the screen for optimal protection

- 100% audio quality in acoustic reproduction

- Amplifier audio speakers, listen to the music in the shower!

- Totally watertight -IP 68 (3m during 1H)

The CaseProof case for iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen provides access to the main features of your smartphone:

- Volume control, start button HOME - Face ID & Touch ID compatible

- Access to the charging connector via a rubber plug

- APN and Flash apparent with anti-reflective lens for clear pictures and videos

- WiFi / 3G / 4G

- Wrist strap to attach to the wrist provided with (or possibility to put a leach for Sports Activities like Paddle, Kayak ..)

Why choose CaseProof Case for iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen ?

With this case, your iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen will get optimal protection. You buy a valuable product, so you have to protect it to the maximum.

Do you use your iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen daily? Do you often drop your smartphone accidentally? This case is for you!

Do you work in the building and need to keep in safe your smartphone? This CaseProof case will allow you to protect your iiPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Genfrom falls or shocks on your sites.

Are you more sporty and / or you like nautical activities or in contact with water? This protection is completely waterproof! Don't be afraid of the contact of your smartphone with water, because now you can take photos and videos unusual and unforgettable of your passions!

The CaseProof Case for iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen allows your iPhone to be extremely resistant to sand, dirt, snow, shocks and normal use drops.

* * This case for iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen is not indestructible, if an activity represents a risk for you, it is the same for your protection and your devices that you will use with.

Manual waterproof case

Manual waterproof Shockproof case CaseProof

User Manual (351.22KB)

Data sheet

149 mm
78 mm
10,7 mm
39 g
Drop height
up to 1, 20 m
TPU and Silicone
1 Year
CaseProof ®
iPhone 7/8/SE/ 2nd -3rd Gen

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