Diving case for iPhone 6/6S Plus 40 meters (131 ft) Caseproof ®


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The 40 meter (131 ft) CaseProof Diving Case turns your iPhone 6/6S Plus into an underwater diving camera. Designed for beautiful underwater shooting, this box becomes a diving camera up to 40 meters.

Your iPhone 6/6S Plus is perfectly protected from water, salt, sand, shocks.

Shoot your emotions, the highlights of your life and share with the world.

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124,92 €

The 40 Meters Waterproof Case turns your iPhone 6/6s Plus into a Diving Camera up to 40 meters away.

This CaseProof waterproof and shockproof case for iPhone 6/6S Plus makes it possible to make clear videos underwater and to adapt an additional lens to be screwed.

Shoot or shoot underwater with your iPhone 6/6S Plus with confidence.

 Your iPhone 6/6S Plus retains its features and becomes a diving box.


- Waterproof case up to 40 meters - IP68
- Withstands temperatures from -10 ° to 40 °
- Anti-shock up to 1 meter
- Lens adapted for additional lens to screw
- External stainless steel button to activate photo / video underwater
- Prevention against water corrosion
- It is recommended to rinse with fresh water after each use at sea
- Ease of use and installation

The box contains:

- 1 diving box 40 meters away
- 1 strap
- 1 seal
- 1 Configuration Guide

 Shoot or shoot underwater with the CaseProof Diving Case for iPhone 6 Plus.

* This box is not indestructible, if an activity represents a risk for you, it is the same for your hull and your devices that you will use with.

CompatibilityiPhone 7 Plus
Dimensions190 mm
Features80 %
Operational Depth40 mètres
Drop height1 mètre maximum
Largeur98 mm
Epaisseur33 mm
ColorNoir & Transparent
MaterialPolycarbonate & acier inoxidable
Warranty2 ANS
EquipementTube graisse étanchéité - Dragonne

This Handle + Connector Board Diving Set is designed to improve the handling of the Case in hand. It allows a better precision during your photos and videos underwater. THIS SET IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL THE BOXES OF THE MARKET.

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